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Kovásznai's "Nights in the Boulevard" @ELAC's Hugarian Animation Day

East Los Angeles College, the National Film Institute of Hungary, KEDD Animation Studio, and the Cinema Without Borders Foundation are organizing Hungarian Animation Day - the seventh edition of the annual East Los Angeles College International Animation Day Festival, this time featuring short animated films from Hungary. The screenings will take place at East Los Angeles College and will be accessible via Cinema Without Borders' websites from April 23rd-29th 2021. György Kovásznai's 1972 piece "Nights in the Boulevard" (Körúti Esték) will be featured alongside works of other legendary Hungarian animation film makers such as Gyula Macskássy and Sándor Reisenbüchler. - For the full program see: - Get up to speed on "Nights in the Boulevard" here:

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