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His Oeuvre

Gyorgy Kovasznai was primarily a painter, who practiced the art of painting on both canvas and the cinema screen and he is often seen as a free-spirited, universal artist whose work cannot be classified into any known artistic school of thought.  His unique oeuvre consists of paintings and drawings, as well as experimental animation films in which he attempted to “animate” the art of painting - which was an approach entirely different from mainstream animation. As he once put it: “Perception in terms of movement, in terms of a series of non-isolated phenomena, is a life philosophy”. 


During an era increasingly dominated by the growing momentum of socialism (both intellectually and aesthetically), Kovasznai consciously and defiantly attempted to pass between genres: “It’s about time that these representatives of the traditional, classical, but over-materialistic genres leave behind their departmentalized-to-death roles.” – he said.

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