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  • Dori Kovasznai

Bubble Bath at Anifilm Liberec

Kovásznai's feature film "Bubble bath" will be screened at 4.30pm CET tomorrow 14th May 2022 in the non-competitive programme of Anifilm Liberec 2022. (Location: OC Forum, Soukenné nám. 669/2a, Liberec IV-Perštýn, Czech republic. )

We would like to thank the organizers for such a warm welcome:

"Some Hungarian animated films are lucky enough to be digitally restored. Viewers thus have a chance to see them again after several decades with proper visual quality and no faded colours. Two years ago, Anifilm screened the mesmerising film Son of the White Mare by the recently deceased Marcell Jankovics. This year, Anifilm visitors can again look forward to a Hungarian feature film, but this time, it will be a completely different spectacle.

The mysterious Foam Bath is balanced somewhere between an anti-romantic comedy and an obscure musical. One day, the dull life of lonely medical student Anna Parádi is interrupted by Zsolt Mohai, a tall, dark, hysterical shop window decorator, who begs her to phone his fiancée Klára and call off their impending wedding.

A series of discussions and musical (and dance) numbers follows, relativising loyalty, romance, partnerships and friendships in a juicy manner. The unusual spectacle is boosted by wild animation using rather ‘wacky’, but all the more original drawing.

In 1980, when the film premiered, it was said that a brand-new animation style had been born. An extraordinary, eccentric style not afraid of extremes. Director György Kovásznai made this unique film more than 40 years ago, but this Foam Bath hasn’t lost its fizz. See for yourselves at Anifilm!"

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