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Bubble Bath debuts in New York

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

György Kovásznai’s Bubble Bath debuted in Brooklyn, New York on 1st March 2022 - thanks to Light Industry! Cartoonist and film maker Dash Shaw introduced the film as one of the major rediscoveries of the past year:

“A pioneering figure in Hungary, Kovásznai began his career at the Pannonia Film Studio in the early 60s, where he experimented with a wide variety of animation techniques, and though he completed numerous shorter projects, Bubble Bath would be his only feature.

The movie concerns a neurotic interior decorator, Zsolt, who finds himself getting cold feet on the day of his nuptials. He takes refuge in the apartment of Anni, an aspiring doctor and acquaintance of Klári, his bride-to-be. Serpentine and sybaritic, Klári is meanwhile enjoying the wedding party too much to care about her absent groom. The barrage of screwball antics precipitated by this scenario are rendered as a psychedelic musical. Drawn in a style as freaky as anything cooked up by the Chicago Imagists, characters glide through a series of liquid visual environments, their carryings-on punctuated by songs that veer from funk to opera to jazz. Indeed, one of the great pleasures of Bubble Bath is how suddenly, unexpectedly it takes on a new shape, through its composition as well as its score. The movie captures the moods of 70s Budapest through a notable documentary element, weaving audio interviews, photomontage, and other scraps of social reality into its wild, distorted design. This screening presents a rare opportunity to luxuriate in Kovásznai’s lysergic vision—let’s get wet!”


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