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Bubble Bath on Arte TV for Xmas

Don't miss your chance to stream György Kovásznai's 1979 animated masterpiece Bubble Bath this month! 🛁

As part of our ArteKino Classics programme, the film is available to watch online for free throughout Europe until 31 December.

The country's third animation feature ever, this hallucinogenic cult classic playfully reflects on the anxieties of modernity and the disillusionment of 1970s Hungary. The charming and distinct visual style is the work of Gyorgy Kovasznai — the iconic Budapest-born animator, designer and artist.

Unfortunately, we will never know how much further Kovásznai would have influenced the field of animation. Not too long after finishing Bubble Bath, ‪he was diagnosed with‬ leukaemia. He died in 1983 at the age of 49.


On his wedding day, Zsolt, a somewhat neurotic interior decorator, begins to have doubts about his decision to get married. He takes refuge in the flat of Anni but his wife-to-be, Klári, is enjoying the party too much to worry about his absence.

Restored by the @nfi_filmarchivum (Hungary) and supported by !

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