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  • Dori Kovasznai

Bubble Bath x Budapest Effect

Have you seen the BUDAPEST EFFECT exhibition at the Budapest History Museum yet?

The exhibition is looking to answer a series of exciting questions: What does it mean to be from Budapest? How does the capital affect its inhabitants and those who spend at least part of their days in it? Is there a common knowledge, made up of images, sounds, films of which we can say: this is our Budapest? How can the atmosphere of a city be captured? How can it be portrayed in an exhibition? What are the means to show diversity and variety? Can we even talk about a ‘Budapest’ spirit?

The show opened in April 2023 and will run until March 2024. The exhibition is looking to commemorate the 150th birthday of Budapest🎂 and features numerous clips from Gyorgy Kovasznai’s film Bubble Bath (an animated tale from Budapest in the late 1970s.) More info

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