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Habfürdő in the 2020-2021 Season of Classic Films Catalogue

This publication presents the film titles selected for the second edition of A Season of Classic Films. It provides a colourful palette of European cinema history which we hope will be a source of inspiration for cinemagoers and film programmers around the world. The films are presented by 22 members of the Association of European Cinematheques (Association des Cinémathèques Européennes - ACE). Their aim is to increase visibility to the richness of their collections and attract a larger, younger audience. Each institution has been asked to select at least one film or a compilation programme from their vaults that can relate and provide new meanings to young adults. The Hungarian National Film Archive nominated Gyorgy Kovasznai's 1979 Habfürdő: "In this stylistically bold experimental animated documentary musical, which portrays the disillusionment of the young generation of the 1970s in Hungary, painting and documentary are intertwined. Painter György Kovásznai was an outstanding figure of Hungarian animation at its prime in the 1970s. This modernist feature film is a forerunner of today’s animated documentaries, which have become a popular genre recently. The main storyline of the film is put on hold several times with the insertion of animated documentary interviews with live audio recordings. The painted musical animation is also emblematic for Kovásznai’s graphically expressive animation style, which radically contradicts the conventional principles of character animation. This film is centred around a love-triangle, while painting a picture of the streets of Pest. A man about to get married realises that he actually belongs to his fiancée’s colleague. The film’s enthralling musical scores were composed by János Másik from the legendary band Kex. A new digital restoration in 4K will become available with the support of A Season of Classic Films."

See the full publication for further details:

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