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  • Dori Kovasznai

Hungarian Neo-Avantgarde Films in Berlin

Berlin's Arsenal Cinema organizes an exciting event on Sunday 29th February 2023, focusing on Hungarian Neo-Avantgarde Films. All four contributions to the program "Einzelgänge - Pop oder Kunst" explore the narrative modes of pop culture and implement them in an altered form. In her animated film EGY KÜLÖNC ÚR NAPLÓJÁBÓL (From the Diary of a Strange Gentleman, 1972), Ágnes Háy addresses uniformity and alienation. Ottó Foky forms a society from beans in BABFILM (Bean Film, 1975). György Kovásznai reviews the history of the 20th century in his animated film A MONOLÓG (The Monologue, 1963). Finally Márk Novák deconstructs the genre of burlesque in KEDD (Tuesday, 1963).

Full program:

Egy különc úr naplójából Ágnes Háy 1972 DCP without dialogue 14 Min.

Babfilm Ottó Foky 1975 DCP without dialogue 12 Min.

A monológ György Kovásznai 1963 DCP OV/EnS 12 Min.

Kedd Márk Novák 1963 DCP OV/EnS 21 Min. Tickets & info:

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