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  • Dori Kovasznai

Kovasznai @ KAFF 2023

For our Hungarian-speaking readers: here is a great summary of the 16th Kecskemet Animation Film Festival (KAFF), where we had the honour to organise an intergenerational panel discussion about the long lasting impact of György Kovásznai’s (1934-1983) oeuvre on Hungarian and international animation. The occasion was Gyorgy Kovasznai ‘s upcoming 90th birthday and the recent release of the Kovasznai monograph’s 3rd edition. The discussion was moderated by film historian Anna Ida Orosz, with the participation of: - József Fülöp, animation film director, rector of MOME; - István Orosz, Kossuth Award-winning graphic designer and animation film director; - Vivien Hàrshegyi, animation film director; and - Dorottya Kovasznai, the artist’s daughter, director of the Kovasznai Research Centre.

Thank you for having us!


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