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Kovasznai-Kentridge Study by Bloomsbury Open Access Now Online

A new study by Loughborough University's Professor Paul Wells on Gyorgy Kovasznai and William Kentridge has now been published online by Bloomsbury Open Access as part of their new book "Global Animation Theory".

The chapter on Kovasznai and Kentridge addresses the individual works of both artists, looking at their approaches and outlooks, and how this is understood as directly affiliated to art and arts culture, and animation’s presence in the gallery context. Further, the analysis seeks to use Kentridge’s ethos and approach to mediate an address of Kovásznai’s perspectives, summarized in his statements above, to situate works within a broader understanding of the gestalt of the ‘Animation Spectrum’, and the presence of animation both in the academic and the public sphere. The study is available here:

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