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Kovasznai's "Bubble bath" and Jankovics' "Son of the white mare" at Annecy 2021

Such an honour! - Gyorgy Kovasznai’s “Bubble bath” will be featured in the Annecy Classics program of Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy in June 2021, alongside Marcell Jankovics’ “Son of the white mare”. Annecy Festival is the most prominent animation film festival globally and its Classics program includes unforgettable animation masterpieces from all around the world. In 1980 when it was first released, Bubble bath went radically against the Hungarian cartoons of the day - made for children and based on classical literary foundations, such as János vitéz (Johnny Corncob, 1973) and Lúdas Matyi (Mattie the Goose-Boy, 1976). Thus it is not surprising that Kovasznai’s film (with a contemporary setting and designed specifically for an adult audience) was received with incomprehension by contemporary viewers, it divided opinion among film professionals and was taken off cinema programs after just a few weeks. However the film stood the test of time: today it is regarded as one of the most remarkable highpoints of the Hungarian and international animation palette. The ground-breaking style of Bubble Bath still influences younger generations of animation directors to this day and now it has a serious fan base.



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