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MUBI 's Notebook Primer on Hungarian Animation1915–1989 out now

Check out MUBI 's Notebook Primer on Hungarian Animation from 1915–1989 at !

The Notebook Primer introduces readers to some of the most important figures, films, genres, and movements in film history - so we are honoured that Gyorgy Kovasznai has been included in this one: "The films of György Kovásznai also provide a dramatic intervention into ideas about animation, featuring a deep fluidity of form and style. Kovásznai’s film Metamorphoses (1964) is an original painted work that declares its intention, in a handwritten prologue, to search for the visual expression of thoughts through a conversation between two people and the world. It does so, with images that metamorphose in a style both sophisticated and crude. His later Nights in the Boulevard (1972) pulses with life, as a poet drifts through the streets of Budapest listening to snippets of conversation and music. This documentation of everyday moments joins with the musical genre in his feature film Foam Bath (1979), a pulsating joyride firmly rooted in everyday Hungarian life."

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