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  • Dori Kovasznai

Bubble Bath US release coming soon!

We are beyond excited to share with you that Bubble Bath is coming to the US in early 2024 from Deaf Crocodile! Watch the new trailer here:

BUBBLE BATH (HABFÜRDÖ) – 1980, 69 min. Hungarian director György Kovásznai’s wildly idiosyncratic animated musical is one of the most indescribably strange, personal, and totally irresistible cartoon features ever made. A walking ball of anxieties, shop window decorator Zsolt bursts into the apartment of his fiancée’s best friend Anni paralyzed with fear at his impending marriage. Zsolt is like a stoned hippie alleycat, or an Eastern European Frank Zappa in a tux; medical student Anni a more curvaceous and leggy post-modern Betty Boop – and both unsure of their attraction to each other, of the choices they’ve made, of what life has in store for them. A truly insane mash-up of styles, from 1920s Art Deco to 1960s Psychedelia to late 1970s louche Roxy Music decadence, BUBBLE BATH is incredibly restless and creative, the bohemian love-child of Bill Plympton’s off-kilter individualism and Ralph Bakshi’s wonderfully warped, rubbery visual style. In other words: it’s not quite like any animated film you’ve ever seen before. Sadly, this was director and animator Kovásznai’s only feature film — he died of leukemia in 1983. BUBBLE BATH has been beautifully restored by the National Film Institute in Hungary for its first-ever U.S. release by Deaf Crocodile. In Hungarian with English subtitles.

“A gallopingly neurotic modernist-psychedelic musical from 1979 that bubbles and pulsates with anxieties about modernity … With characters and settings constantly warping, tilting and transmogrifying, BUBBLE BATH is visually something special; like Van Gogh, Fleischer Studios, Robert Crumb, YELLOW SUBMARINE and the abstract-thought section of Pixar’s INSIDE OUT smooshed into a great lysergic battenberg cake.” – Phil Hoad, The Guardian.

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